9th Grade Projects

Projects Page for 9th Grade

Programming & Design Semester 2

Make a website

This website will be 20% of my overall grade.


Karel is a website that helps you learn programming : My account on Karel

EV3 Robots

1. Making EV3 Robots and program them to play sound and display a image on the display.

2. Challenge 2 : Straight Move, Curved Move, Tank Move, Move Object, Stop at a line, Stop at an angle, and Stop at an object.

3. Challenge 3 : Refer to Challenge Map here! Keep one tire between the guide lines and drive the entire course.

Google Slides Animation

10th Grade Projects

Code.org - AP Computer Science

Mario Game
This is a game that I made in javascript Applab.

Another game that I made, also in javascript Applab.

Personal Projects

Rainbow Text Sine Wave

Makes text in to a rainbow sine wave!


Chrome Extension Keylogger with login.

20Nick Chrome Extention

When clicked it will take you to my website.

Github chrome extension